Partnering with LendSwift makes it easier to sell your deals – and gives you an extra passive income stream.

We make our lending decisions based on the property, not the borrower – which means we can guarantee to finance any property deal you’re selling. And when the purchase goes through, we’ll pay you a 1% commission.

The benefits

A marketing advantage
Catch buyers’ eyes by marketing all your deals as “finance pre-approved”.

You can even include a full breakdown in the information you send to your buyers list, so they see how little of their own cash they’ll need to put in.

Lending based on market value, not purchase price
We lend up to 70% of the property’s market value, not its purchase price.

This means that for significantly Below Market Value deals, your buyer will need to put in very little of their own funds.

Fewer fall-throughs
You don’t need to worry about buyers pulling out after struggling to find finance, because we have it lined up from the start.

Extra income for you
When the sale completes and you get your sourcing fee, you’ll also get a 1% commission from us – with no extra work involved.

...or buy it yourself
If there's potential for a quick and easy flip, don't sell it on: buy it yourself with our help and make more profit.

A typical deal

Property value: £80,000
Agreed purchase price: £65,000
We’ll lend: £56,000 (70% of market value)

Cash needed from buyer: £9,000
Commission paid to you: £560

What next?

Contact us to ask for a copy of our Sourcer Agreement, or call us for a chat on 0207 856 0166.