Investing with LendSwift allows you to earn an attractive fixed return, fully secured against UK property.

LendSwift is not an online “crowdfunding” or “peer to peer” platform: instead, it is a vehicle for the directors to loan their own funds alongside a small number of institutional clients and financially sophisticated private investors. This means you don’t experience the loss of control of being just one of hundreds of investors in a deal – and we have no incentive to relax our strict underwriting standards to meet demand.

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LendSwift accepts investments from institutional clients, family offices, and certain individuals. Our minimum investment amount is £30,000.

To invest with LendSwift as an individual, you must be able to self-certify as being High Net Worth (having an income of over £100,000 or net assets of over £250,000 excluding your primary residence) or being a Sophisticated Investor (being the director of a company with a turnover above £1m, working the private equity sector, or having made investments in unlisted companies in the last two years).

You must not request information from us unless you believe you meet one or more of these definitions.

No information displayed on this website or elsewhere constitutes a solicitation or recommendation to invest, nor is it financial advice. Your capital is at risk when investing with us. Before we accept you as an investor, you will need to make a full declaration as to your suitability and confirm that you have read and understood our full risk warning.

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