Get paid over and over again for a single conversation you had years ago.

If you have connections who’d benefit from the fantastic return we offer investors, we’ll make sure you’re well-rewarded for your recommendation. 

What’s in it for you?

We know that whenever you make a recommendation to a client, your reputation is on the line – and we promise to reflect well on you by treating them brilliantly, whether we can help them or not.

To say thank you, you will earn 0.25% of each investment they make. You will then continue to earn 0.25% of all future business they do, for life: once introduced, we’ll track them back to you and make sure you get paid.

For example, if someone invests £60,000 with us initially then you would receive £150.00.

If they then invest a further £40,000 , then you would receive an additional fee of £100.00.

If the first loan repays at 6 months and the full £60,000 is re-invested in another loan, the Agent will again receive £150.00 soon after drawdown.

This means that you can establish a recurring source of income from a single conversation with no limit on the number of introductions you make!

What do we offer?

  • A choice of two loan classes: Bridging and Development

  • A return of up to 11.4% per annum

  • LendSwift director’s investment in each loan alongside investors

  • Zero capital losses to date

  • A growing provision fund to cover any future capital losses

  • First and second charge lending on residential, commercial and mixed-use property in the UK

  • Personal guarantees and debentures on all company lending

What next?

Request a copy of our introducer agreement.