If there’s one thing we could never be accused of, it’s throwing our money around willy-nilly.

David eschews hotels in favour of sleeping in his converted van, and Rob’s idea of a fun Sunday activity is going through his bank statements looking for costs to cut.

We’re careful with our cash, and we like to put it to proper use. That might not make us the world’s best gift-givers or impulsively fun “LET’S GET AN ASTON MARTIN!” kind of people, but it does stand us in good stead for lending money. 

At the same time, we know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a lender’s inflexibility – where they almost seemed determined to find a reason to say no. We want to be more accommodating than that – and we know from experience that a slightly unusual financing situation might simply require some lateral thinking in order to be beneficial to everyone. 

That’s why we formed LendSwift. For borrowers, we can be partners who use our experience to assess the merits of each deal and structure the finance accordingly. And the small number of investors who work alongside us can benefit from our natural caution, being sure that the project makes sense and every legal box is ticked.

Meet the directors

Rob Dix

Rob is the director of a nationwide letting agency called Yellow Lettings, and the author of three best-selling property investment books. Additionally, he co-presents the UK’s most popular property investment show, The Property Podcast, and is the founder of an investment community called The Property Hub

He’s known for his forensic and cautious approach to analysing investments, and for his creative ideas for structuring tricky deals.


David Evans

David has been taking calculated risks from the day he left school. Starting out as a paratrooper, he left the forces to get a business degree and then spent the next seven years as a business and IT teacher.

After resigning in 2000 to seek new challenges, David rapidly built up a successful group of property companies in construction, estate agency, property consultancy and development, with several million pounds of assets under his control.