Investing with LendSwift allows you to earn an attractive fixed return, fully secured against UK property.

We specialise in making loans of under £100,000 for less than a year – meaning that funds aren’t tied up in lengthy, risky developments. Our borrowers are experienced property investors who rely on us to fund auction purchases and simple refurbishment projects.

Unlike “crowdfunding” or “peer to peer” platforms, LendSwift is a vehicle for the directors to loan their own funds alongside a small number of financially sophisticated private investors. This means you don’t experience the loss of control of being just one of hundreds of investors in a deal – and we have no incentive to relax our strict underwriting standards to meet demand.

How we protect your funds

Extensive due diligence

Before agreeing to lend, we obtain professional valuations of all properties, check credit files, undertake identity checks, obtain local searches, and get our solicitors to ensure our charge over the property is rock-solid. We also assess the risks of the particular project, and quiz the borrower to make sure they have at least one plausible exit strategy.

We invest our own funds alongside yours

At least one of the directors invests their personal funds in every loan – so we have a personal as well as professional reason to be cautious.

We never touch your money

Your funds are transferred directly into our solicitor’s dedicated client account, and our solicitor returns your interest and capital to you. We never handle your money – which again, means that you’re unaffected whatever happens to LendSwift.

No fees to investors

Your interest is paid without the deduction of any fees, and there are no joining or exit fees of any kind.

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